England Expects

In 2004, our daughter Olivia joined us in the production of our first album. It's crammed with original songs plus a few old favourites and several sets of tunes. Our aim was to produce a CD full of fun and zip and we think we've succeeded - we hope you'll agree. The North East's quarterly folk magazine "Folk Roundabout" gave the album a very positive review which included :

...Although the Rennies were only introduced to folk music in 1995, they've readily absorbed the idioms and performance styles of traditional music and song... ...I think Dogwatch have a lot to offer - not least, much interesting and original material, presented with commitment and flair. Their CD's a winner - its recording quality is very good indeed, with a creditable perspective and balance between the participants, both vocally and instrumentally...


We were very happy with our first album so when, in 2006, our good friends, Barrie and Ingrid Temple, invited us to do some recording at their studio, we jumped at the chance. The resulting album comprises fifteen new songs; wonderful poetry on a wide variety of themes, set to music by Joy.

Bold Nelson's Praise

Not long after we produced our second album, Joy got her new melodeon which allowed us to develop lots of new song arrangements. Because of this, and with the 2010 Tall Ships Festival in Hartlepool imminent, we thought it was time we produced a third album. This album has sixteen tracks which are all songs we just love singing. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Davy Jones's Locker

I don't know if we're masochists or what but it's about five years since we produced "Bold Nelson's Praise" and we fancied doing some more recording. This album consists mostly of new songs and songs we haven't recorded before but also includes a few old ones that we decided to record again as we now do them differently from the way we used to.

You can hear "snipped" tracks from all four CDs on the "Sound Bites" page and, if you'd like to buy copies of any of them, why not e.mail us via the link on the "Contacts" page. A single CD will cost you a tenner but, if you buy more than one, you can have the others for a fiver each and we're so keen to spread our songs around, we'll even pay the postage!!